Hey Em,


I just wanted to say thank you for your boundless support and for being my loudest and most involved cheerleader.

Over the years, you have made me better, and I am so proud and so honoured to be your friend. You are such an amazing, inspiring, all around super star woman who makes the lives of every one around her better.

Below are pictures you can download, share and print as you like. I'm pretty sure I owe you a post-card as well, so if you pick an image (any image from anywhere off the site) that will be your card.

There's also an extra thing, which is a 25% discount code if you wanna get proper prints made through the site, it should cover shipping and a bit extra: the code is Women+Wilderness. If you know someone who could use it as well, send it their way on the DL.


Love you to pieces.

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